Friday, July 16, 2010

GAA and the Truth: Bring in the cameras and view footage.

The time has come when we can identify, beyond doubt, where cameras (and recorded sport) can help realize the Truth, and accomplish Justice.

The Louth and Meath Leinster football final is done and dusted! So say the many, and there is more to say that is being said too and it is falling on barren ground. Or is it? Will this situation be the catalyst for the GAA to change something? That is, will the GAA use this as the catalyst that grew the organisation into being one which has more respect for Truth and Justice. An organisation that just wants to do the right thing and wants to see the right thing to be done? ...

An organisation that allows for human error but is more interested in truth and justice. Human error will always be a part of play. Human error is human, after all.

The complexities of viewing footage and analysis of same can be dealt with simply: In the event that review of camera footage does not garner at least 66% agreement on the outcome then the decision goes back to the referee's original decision. It is a shame that after the referee admitted he made a mistake his spontaneous (in the heat of the game) incorrect ruling still stands.

What is the logic of this? It would be interesting to hear why this is the route chosen by the GAA. Surely someone can give us the argument? Many thought a replay would be offered and encouraged.

Some thought a replay would be unjust. Why? Because the game was won by Louth.

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